Instructional Videos

Intro to NELF Explorer

This approximately 4 minute video introduces and highlights the main features of the NELF Explorer. Press play to learn how to navigate and interpret the NELF Explorer!

Adding context to NELF Explorer maps

This 2 minute video demonstrates three ways you can add geographic context, such as roads and political boundaries, to maps in the NELF Explorer.

Using the Recent Trends spreadsheet

This comprehensive video shows you how the use the Recent Trends spreadsheet to calculate descriptive statistics and change under the Recent Trends scenario, and provides some examples of how you can use the numbers and charts produced in the spreadsheet.

NELF Explorer RFP Webinar

This video is the complete recording of the NELF Explorer RFP Webinar which was held on December 4, 2019. Click here to view or download the slide deck shown in the recording.