Story Maps

The "Comparing Scenarios" section of the story map, featuring pie charts of land cover in each scenario and an illustration of Recent Trends.

The Comparing Scenarios section of the story map summarizes how the scenarios differ from each other.

The NELF Project story map describes the purpose and process of the New England Landscape Futures project, introduces the NELF scenarios, and explains how to use the NELF Explorer. If you are interested in learning more about the NELF scenarios, or if you need some guidance in using the NELF Explorer, we recommend reading and exploring the story map.

Three land cover maps of Wales, MA show how the town could look different by 2060 under different scenarios.

NELF maps show how the small community of Wales, MA could look different by 2060 despite currently having a small development footprint and a relatively high amount of conserved forest.

The Invisible Gifts, Shifting Baselines story map highlights some of the ways that nature benefits our local communities and shows how shifting baselines can threaten those benefits through incremental loss over time. The story map uses NELF maps to show the phenomenon of shifting baselines at the town level and demonstrates, through the Recent Trends and Connected Communities scenarios, why planning for the future is necessary to interrupt these shifting baselines and preserve the benefits of nature for future generations.