Conservation and EJ Resources

Conservation & Environmental Justice

Suggested by Doris Johnson of CT DEEP - thank you, Doris!

Article: How Green Groups Became So White and What to Do About It

Video/transcript: Interview of the week: Dr. Dorceta Taylor

Article: Why Detroit Residents Pushed Back Against Tree-Planting


  1. How can [your] organization address zoning or the lack of zoning in the distressed municipalities

  2. Find ways to engage communities into existing and future projects/programs

  3. Equal distribution of resources and access

  4. Stimulate economic growth in the communities

  5. Capacity building, partnerships, and community engagement build trust

Suggested by the NELF team:

Article: What We Lose When We Forget the History of Our Public Lands

Article: Wildlife Conservation and Settler Colonialism in the North American West, part of a series on the environmental anthropology of settler colonialism

Collaboration: First Light Learning Journey (Wabanaki Nations and Maine's Land Trust Community)

Podcast: Fortress Conservation

Science & Academia

Suggested by the NELF team:

Article: Research on The Diversity-Innovation Paradox in Science shows how minority researchers innovate more but are rewarded less for their novel scientific contributions.

Lab leadership and culture: Ten simple rules for building an anti-racist lab

Research: Land Grab Universities