About the NELF Scenarios

The New England Landscape Futures scenarios were developed through scenario building workshops with 120 stakeholders from the six states. Details about the scenario co-design process can be found in McBride et al. 2017. The report Voices from the Land summarizies the process and outcomes of scenario creation for the NELF project. This webpage contains some of the same information that can be found in these two sources for convenience.

Scenario Summaries

The scenario matrix below contains bullet point summaries of each of the scenarios. The scenarios are structured around the axes of natural resource planning and innovation and socio-economic connectedness (definitions from McBride et al. 2017).

Driver Definitions

Socio-economic connectedness refers to the extent to which population migration, culture, economic markets, goods and services, and trade and climate policy are globally oriented or locally oriented.

Natural resource planning & innovation refers to the extent to which governments engage in proactive land-use planning and invest in technological advances for land, energy, and water use. It also reflects the degree of private sector innovation in resource use and investment in ecosystem services. This driver also incorporates social attitudes toward land stewardship and sustainability.

Scenario Matrix

Full Length Narratives

Click here to view or download the full length scenario narratives, with footnotes indicating how qualitative characteristics were modeled quantitatively as land use.